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Rocco's Photo Gallery

As a young dog, Rocco showed great promise in the show ring, and enjoys spending time at his owner's restaurant, the famous Buca's Tuscan Roadhouse in Harwich, MA. There Rocco is greeted by many people and gets the best socialization possible. Bryan has been a wonderful owner, keeping Rocco trained, fit, and happy! We thank him for letting Rocco go to the dog shows with Jillayne & Amanda in the past. He finished his championship quickly at 12 months of age and his Grand Championship shortly after. Healthy and active, with no arthritis or dental or skin problems at all, at 9 and a half years old. Of course, his father lived to 13 and his mother to 11!

Date of Birth: February 03, 2010 | AKC: WS3299085
Breeder: Leos by the Sea | Owner: Bryan Jenkins

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