Located on the sandy shores of Cape Cod.

I have been involved with dogs all my life, as were my parents before me. I have raised Leonbergers now for over 30 years and all of my dogs are members of my family and live in the house with me. I believe dogs are an integral part of a family and should be with the family at all times.

When I do have a litter, they are born and raised in the house, in a sunny plant filled room next to my bedroom and I am with them 24 hours a day every day. Socialization starts at birth and continues until they go to their new homes. And those new homes are very carefully screened. I have Leonberger puppies in Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Vermont and they welcome visitors to their homes so you can learn more about the breed. I am breeding for health and longevity and over 50 percent of my puppy familes come from people either coming back for a second puppy or referring their friends and families.

I believe genetic diversity is the key to a long and healthy life so there is no line breeding here. I want anyone who decides they want one of my very occasional puppies to know they will always have my support. Leonbergers are a wonderful and unique breed that are perfect for today's modern society and it's demands. I feel privileged to have them be the focus of my life and want to share that gift with you. Look for several of our dogs in the show rings in the New England area, handled expertly by Sue Burrell and Jillayne Karras. Feel free to talk to her at a show to learn more about our breed, grooming techniques, and say hi to my dogs! If you want a dog that will be a loving part of your family and life, please contact me so we can talk about making that happen.


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